Who We Are

Rainsville Farms is a family run Urban Farm based in Rancho Cordova, Ca.   Fred Chavez the owner, is a retired IT Professional who's love for green technology and gardening led him to containerized farming. 

Farm to Fork

With this technology we can deliver living lettuce that can be harvested daily, and on your plate within 24 hours. A restaurant could select a specific variety for us to grow if desired, just give us 8 weeks to go from seed to mature heads.

Hydroponics Farm

Built entirely inside a 40’ shipping container, our farm provides the vegetables with light, air flow, C02, water, nutrients, and the optimal temperatures for rapid and consistent growth 365 days a year.

Our Vegetables

We are currently growing both mini and full size heads of lettuce.  Mini varieties include Bibb (Rhazes), Bibb (Bambi), Romaine (Truchas) and Butterhead (Rex).  Large varieties include Butterhead (Red Cross) and Butterhead (Skyphos)
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